About LiVoice

LiVoice is built on a core ideology that phones services should be an asset to any organization and any organization should have full control and a complete understanding of the available features. The size of your organization should not limit the features you have access to.

Our Service makes the Difference

Also worth mentioning is that the LiVoice staff focuses on delivering the best service for your account. From sales, to provisioning, customer care, engineering and accounting, all of LiVoice employees are focused on one thing – Delivering quality, capability and value that creates a foundation of a long-term relationship with you, our valued customer.

Here is “Why LiVoice” is trusted by so many businesses

QUALITY - At LiVoice we realize that quality means business. By delivering the highest quality service, LiVoice helps your business to sound great, and grow and succeed without worrying about your communication systems. These are more than just words to our employees. The importance of quality has earned us industry leading customer retention rates, customer referrals, and many other business and financial benefits. All of which we invest right back into the business in order to earn your long-term trust.

CAPABILITY - We only use state of the art technologies and service providers, so your business is backed by the best-of-the-best that the industry has to offer. We utilize major upstream providers like Paetec and Verizon (among others), and we pay a premium for our network infrastructure and IP connectivity to deliver the best capabilities of any competing provider. We run our own Network Operation Centers (NOC) and Points of Presence (POP), and designed and developed our own customer portal software so that we can deliver the features and functions to help your business compete favorably.

VALUE - While our focus is first on quality and capability, we also understand the need to offer competitive pricing. Every business demands the most value for the money, and LiVoice is unwaveringly focused on delivering the best value for our customers.

The Future of Telephone Technology

Most industry experts agree that the end is near for the business phone closet. It’s time for your business to partner with a Hosted PBX and VoIP provider who has the experience necessary to make you sound great, while enabling your business to take advantage of the capabilities and cost savings of business quality VoIP. So finding a provider who knows how to deliver the highest quality voice over a data network is key.

You’ll find no shortage of providers who say they do VoIP, or providers who resell a shrink wrapped Hosted PBX software package, but buyers beware. Not all Hosted PBX and VoIP providers are alike. If they lead with “fit your business into my system,” or low prices and a narrow feature set as their value proposition, you should run scared.

Leading with quality and capabilities before cost savings is better for your business, and is a time-tested model for success. With all that said, LiVoice pricing is extremely competitive, and our customers can attest to the great value that LiVoice delivers every day.